How I tasted llonganissa (at the Great Wall)


By now, I guess we’re already pretty famous due to our stories carrying food there where we travel (not always, but quite frequently, if we want to save some money in an expensive country or if there’s this possibility of not knowing if in a certain place the food is going to be f****g spicy).




Kids, in 2011 we were visiting your uncle Jie in Beijing

There in Beijing the BIG day arrived, the GREAT WALL day. We didn’t want to pay for a tour, so we tried to get there by ourselves. First, at 07:00 am, we caught a public bus that was supposed to go to a village where we could catch another bus… but that village didn’t exist, so we were abandoned in the middle of nowhere, with no buses running to Simatai (the part of the Great Wall we wanted to visit).


[pe2-image src=»» href=»″ caption=»» type=»image» alt=»Great-Wall-1.jpg» ]


So we had people hanging around trying us to bargain for a ride. And that’s what we did. We bargained and we got the five of us plus the driver inside of a five seats car: hell yeah!



By the time we arrived to the entrance, it was already 11:00 am. Then, count that you had to hike, let’s say, for more than an hour to the top of the hill, where the Great Wall is. 40º degrees, 12:00 am. Very hoot. Very thirsty. And kind of hungry.


[pe2-image src=»» href=»″ caption=»» type=»image» alt=»Great-Wall-2.jpg» pe2_single_image_size=»w300″ ]

Once on the top, we started to walk along the Wall, up, down, stairs, towers. Amazing place and fantastic views.


[pe2-image src=»» href=»″ caption=»» type=»image» alt=»Great-Wall-3.jpg» pe2_single_image_size=»w300″ ]

 [pe2-image src=»» href=»″ caption=»» type=»image» alt=»Great-Wall-5.jpg» ]

 [pe2-image src=»» href=»″ caption=»» type=»image» alt=»Great-Wall-4.jpg» pe2_single_image_size=»w650″ ]

At 14:00 we were already very hungry. But… oooops! There are no restaurants there. And suddenly, me, the savior (who had heard the laughs the previous days for bringing the llonganissa sausages to China) opened my backpack: Taraaaannnn!!! 2 packages of llonganissa and 6 brioche!!! So the possibility of dying of starvation was discarded ;)

We had a Great Meal at the Great Wall!! :D



With the last slices of llonganissa, we decided to record Jie eating it, cause it was the perfect advertisement spot. And, cause he likes it so much that it was an experience to remember:








And in this, kids, is how I tasted llonganissa at the Great Wall ;)

P.S. I have to say that I paid the price of giving away my precious, cause next 23 days I had no llonganissa, food was f****g spicy and I was mostly fed of white rice :(



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